Tay Daley is not just a rapper/singer/producer,  and is more than a YouTuber.

On June 11th 2021, the world lost an amazing human being before her time: Taylor Anne. That same day Tay Daley chose his name to honor his fiancée. Tay from Taylor, and Daley from the last name that they would have shared.

"When I lost her, I lost everything that really mattered to me. I finally decided to take the gloves off and put my full effort into this music and speaking up for what I believe in. It's a dangerous man that has lost everything there is to lose."

Not new to struggle, Tay has fought through foster housing as a child, homelessness, divorce, robbery, and most recently the hardest loss you could face. "Music was always the thing I could go to for comfort or just to sort through my thoughts. I started as a listener at a young age, studying every artist I could, and in elementary school I started making my own music. What you are seeing now is the culmination of many years of hard work and practice, and overcoming obstacles to be able to bring you this music."

The music he makes comes from tragedy. He also talks about his life and journey through the grief process and about current events.